Tiny Home Trend

Over the past decade or so, the emergence of “tiny homes” is growing. Many people are choosing to downsize, and not just their home, but their lives as well.

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Rather than trying to ‘Keep up with the Jones’”, homeowners are investing in a smaller home to maximize the use of their space to perfectly suit their needs. Most “tiny homes” are less than 300 square feet, and use innovative storage solutions to provide all the amenities of a full-size home on a smaller scale. This allows the homeowners to lead a simpler life, free from a mortgage and sometimes even utilities, while fulfilling their lives with more time to connect with what is most important to them.

These small houses are either built to suit, or an existing plan can be used. Some are permanent structures on the land, whereas others are built on trailers so they can be relocated easily. Therefore, if the homeowners need to move frequently, either due to necessity or desire, they can hitch their home up to their truck and move it to its new location.

Generally, the sleeping area is a loft, above the main living area. The kitchen can be designed to suit full-size appliances, and usually has innovative storage solutions for the kitchen basics. The bathroom doesn’t usually have a bathtub, but some do if it’s important to the homeowners.

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