Spring Home Decor

Around here, our favourite seasons are Spring and Fall! Why? Home Show season of course! But also because these seasons mark a significant change in what it looks like outside, and a sign of things to come. While Fall brings leaves changing colours and crisp temperatures, Spring brings flowers popping up and trees blossoming. The weather warms up, proving to us that brighter days are on their way!

The colours that spring brings us are so beautiful and light, it’s easy to bring that inspiration into your home decor. We’re not talking about anything major like new paint and furniture, but simple changes to bring spring lightness into your home.

Colours that scream spring are pale pastels, like cherry-blossom pink, energizing green, calming white, lilac purples, and robin’s egg blues. We’ve gathered some of our favourite inspirations for home decor on Pinterest. It’s so easy to add a bit of colour with home decor items like pillows, throws, vases, and more!

And if you are in the market for updated paint colours, there are some beautiful spring-inspired themes too!