Maximizing Hallway Storage – Wall Storage

Last week, we gave you some ideas of how to use furniture in your hallway to make it more functional. This week, lets take a look at how you can use the walls in your hallway to provide more storage, and cull the clutter.
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Maximizing Hallway Storage – Functional Furniture

The hallways in your home don’t have to be a barren space, no matter if they are large or small. Embrace this space and make the most of it! Simple tricks can give you a lot of extra storage in an otherwise half-used space. There are several different pieces of furniture that are perfect for maximizing storage in a small space!  Read more

Flooring Trends of 2015

One of the best ways to update your home, aside from a fresh coat of paint, is to update your flooring. There are a lot of choices when choosing flooring, giving you a range of materials, colours and patterns, and cost.

The biggest flooring trend of 2015 is switching your flooring choice to an environmentally friendly option. Read more

Chef’s Delight – Indoor Herb Garden

No matter what type of cook you are, having some fresh herbs to add brings your cooking to the next level. An indoor herb garden is the best way to grow your favourite herbs, because they’re easy to maintain and can add to your home decor!

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