Yurts in the Modern World

A yurt is an ancient portable dwelling, typically used by Mongolian nomads over 3,000 years ago. While modern yurts have changed, they are still based on the same concept; a circular frame holding a cover. 

North Americans have started to modify the yurt to accommodate current needs. When building a home on rural property, a yurt can be used as temporary housing, and once the house is built it can then be converted into a guest-house or an exterior office space or personal fitness room. Some people have also set up a yurt as a vacation home or cabin on their vacation property.

Yurts have even been incorporated into national parks, offering year-round camping solutions, or at ski resorts for overnight stays or storage. It is also becoming popular for fitness and retreat centres to choose a yurt as a gathering space in the wilderness. Due to the low environmental impact of a yurt, ecotourism and adventure travel companies are making use of them in exotic locations around the world.

Image provided by YurtZBy Design

Image provided by YurtZBy Design

Have you ever had an opportunity to step inside a yurt? The 2015 version of the 3,000 year old Mongolian Yurt will be at the Victoria Early Spring Home Renovation & Décor show this weekend! Come take a step back into time and check one out for yourself and see how it may be useful for you.