Maximizing Hallway Storage – Closets and Stairways

If the hallway in your home is lacking in storage spots, it’s time to get creative! We have provided you with some ideas on using functional furniture to maximize your hallway storage, and how to capitalize on the walls in your hallway for storage. Many hallways have a closet that stores random items from your home, and others also incorporate a stairwell into their design. 

Are the closets in your home being used to their full potential? Many closets end up being a dumping ground for things you don’t want to see, and therefore aren’t being utilized efficiently. One way to fix this problem is to swap out the door for a glass panelled one, or take it out completely. Without being able to hide what’s in the closet, it’s easier to appreciate its potential.

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Generally, the stairwells in our homes have some sort of storage beneath them, which can end up being wasted space. Rather than sacrificing this square footage to odds and ends that end up in this oddly shaped space, embrace the space!

Instead of traditional stair risers, transform your stairs into drawers to store books, shoes, or anything you can come up with. If your stairwell runs next to a hallway, consider turning the wall space into stacking drawers where you can store less-used items like table linens and candles. Create shelving in the space to hold decorative items or baskets, and add doors on the bottom shelves to create hidden space.

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With these ideas, there are endless opportunities to make the most of your hallway.