Statistically, the average homeowner that attends a home show this year will spend a minimum of $10,000 on their home, whether it’s making improvements, major renovations, or updating their interior décor. These homeowners are attending the home shows you exhibit in, so make it a successful show, and get your share of their spending!

The first thing people see is your booth staff and display.  Make sure your booth looks inviting to attendees with these exhibiting tips!

  • Don’t Cluster in your booth. If you have more than one person staffed in your booth, avoid having them involved in a discussion together, as attendees are likely to pass by your booth and not interrupt them.
  • Act as a Greeter not a guard of your booth. If your booth staff is standing next to or behind your booth or product, they may appear to be guarding it. It’s better to stand off to the side instead, allowing your product to be the star.
  • Look Approachable rather than standing in the “pitch pose” with arms crossed, in your pocket, or behind your back. Your body language is so important, and will either cause attendees to visit your booth, or pass by.
  • Signage is key.  Never underestimate the power of a simple, clear and visible sign or banner at the top/back of your booth. “Who are you and what do you do” should be the message.  Attendees have a short amount of time to scan every booth at eye level as they pass by.  Make sure they can tell that you have what they’re looking for with a quick glance
  • Smile and look friendly. That, paired with your body language will create either a positive or negative impression on people strolling by. A friendly smile and relaxed stance will invite people into your booth.
  • Don’t Sit, being at eye-level is crucial.  We know shows’ can be long and tiring but you must refrain from sitting as much as possible.  At the very least, consider switching out your low chair and table for a counter height table and stool instead.
  • Less is More or certainly can be.  Having an elaborate, professional and exciting display area can be crucial to showing off your products and services and shouldn’t be discouraged.  However, clutter for the sake of clutter can also be detrimental.  Try to find a point of balance so your booth stands out and shows your best, but is also clear and simple enough not to confuse or turn people off.
  • Out with the old and in with the new! It’s easy to keep display items well past their ‘shelf life’.  Take time to step back objectively and take notice of aspects of your booth which may need updating, repairing or replacement altogether.  Make sure people are seeing your best and newest so they are left with a lasting impression.
  • Put the phone down! Perhaps the most common malpractice at a show these days is watching exhibitors with their heads and eyes down looking at their phones instead of watching for attendees coming up the aisles and looking engaged in what they are there to do.

Once you get people into your booth, how you speak and act is also important.

  • Welcome Visitors rather than ask if they need help. “May I help you?” triggers a “No, thank you” answer, and the dialogue is over. Alternatively, thank them for visiting your booth and ask if they’re familiar with your product. This opens a dialogue and allows you to learn about the visitor.
  • Look Attentive while talking to visitors. Again, you body language is important and even if you’re saying the right things, you may look bored and not interested in their business, which may turn them away prematurely.
  • Take Notes of key comments during the dialogue. Half of what the visitor has said will be forgotten as soon as they walk away, and it may be the most important information of the discussion. By taking notes, you can follow up with confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the appointment.  People are at the show looking for the things they need.  If they’re interested in your products/services, make sure to have an appointment book handy and ask them for a good day and time to follow-up or come to their home for a quote.  The best time is always now!

The final and most important tip, but also the simplest, is to have fun! If you’re not enjoying yourself, people will notice and it may even turn their mood. Enjoy yourself while you’re there, and help spread positivity.  Follow these pieces of advice and we can almost guarantee an increase in sales, engagement and leads while at a show.

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