3 Ways to Stand Out in a 10-foot Booth

When participating in a Home Expo, you’ll usually have an 8-foot or 10-foot booth space to showcase your products and services. But, so does everyone else at the show, and usually there are even larger booths to attract attendees’ attention! So, how do you catch their eye?

Here are three areas you can look at to make sure your booth attracts the buyers you want to meet face-to-face.

Exhibit Design

Make the most of your 10-foot wide space by filling it with photos and/or illustrations that will appeal to your target customer by visually displaying your products and services, drawing them in to find out more. Keep your marketing message clear and concise, and use bright colours and bold images, as appropriate, to shout it out. Be sure that your booth invites the public in, so don’t fill it up with too much stuff! A table at the front of your booth blocks the way to talk to you out of the aisle, and too much display or too much product can be overwhelming and eat up valuable square footage that could be used for conversations.

Booth Staff

The square footage in your 8-foot or 10-foot space is very small, think just 64-100 square feet. One person takes up about 4 of those feet, so don’t fill your space with too many staff members. Pick your very best staffers that will attract and engage traffic to your booth in a manner that compliments your business. Someone who isn’t up to par could ruin the whole show for you! That being said, be sure to send 2-3 staff members so they can keep each other company and rotate breaks. One person working a booth alone can be draining, and when they’re exhausted, they’re not performing their best.

Show Specials

Entice traffic to your booth before the show by offering a product or service special, only available at the show. Then, notify your customers (via email, ads, social media, etc) and entice them to visit you at the show. When you’re at the show, offer giveaways to lure attendees to stop at your booth so you can start a conversation. Almost everyone does this, so consider offering a more valuable and eye-catching giveaway to attract even more attention from your competitors.