Signs It’s Time for a New Display

As with anything in our life, there comes a time when you need to replace your Home Expo display. A car shows its age by becoming loud and rusty, but do you know when it’s time to replace your Home Show display?

If your booth display is showing any of these tell-tale signs, it’s time to look into replacing it:

  • The backwall of your display has more carpet-like fabric than images
  • The language used on your signs is like, totally outdated
  • The fashion in your product photos is, obviously, from another decade
  • There are multiple layers of white-out or duct tape on your signs to change the text and/or pricing
  • The colours used in your display and/or marketing materials are out of date… again
  • The lighting on your display uses technology that is outdated and no longer available

If you’re getting any comments from staff or people at the show about the retro-look of your display, IT’S TIME! There are many options available to purchase or rent a display. Do some research and talk to the experts to get your booth updated so you can attract the best possible traffic to your booth, and make the most of your time at the Home Expo.