5 Things your Booth Should Tell Potential Customers

How did your last Home Show go? Did you get the result you were looking for? If not you may need to look at your booth to ensure it’s giving potential customers the right information.

Show attendees tend to be overstimulated and short on time when they’re at the show. That means you have to be strategic on how you present yourself and your company, to make sure that you grab their attention and keep it. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and design your booth to answer the questions everyone has about your company before they have to ask.

Tell them WHO you are

Someone visiting your booth should leave with a strong understanding of your brand; not just the products and services you offer and your company name, but the type of business you are. There are many options on the market similar to yours available to consumers, giving them the option of choosing a business they can relate to. That means they want to know your ‘story’ in addition to knowing about what you offer. Make your business’ personality shine!

Tell them WHAT you offer

If it’s unclear what you offer when someone is walking by your booth, your booth isn’t doing it’s job. A clean booth with a couple chairs in a bold colour is eye-catching, but it doesn’t say what you do at all. A booth using a toilet as the draw entry bin is a unique way for a plumber to showcase their services as well as being eye-catching. Put your products and services on display!

Tell them WHERE you fall among the competition

Your brand is unique, setting you apart from your competition. Wherever you fall among the competition, be sure that your booth showcases that quality. You may offer an affordable or a luxury alternative, or your company might be more convenient to other options. Showcase your unique qualities!

Tell them WHEN your product or services will help them

Every business exists to solve some sort of problem that arises or exists. A simple example: a fast-food restaurant provides a solution to hunger when someone is short on time or travelling. Take some time to think about what type of problem your products and/or services aim to solve. Then, design your booth to explain how your business will help them when they encounter this type of issue. Be the solution they need!

Tell them HOW to contact you

The main reason you participate in a Home Show is to get leads, right? So be sure that potential customers know how to reach you after the show! If you’re collecting information through conversations and draw entries, that’s great, but don’t forget about those that missed the opportunity and want to get in touch with you. Have business cards and brochures well stocked all weekend and easily available for people to grab as they go by and incorporate your phone number and/or website address into your booth display. Utilize your social media channels to advertise you’ll be at the show and keep it current after the show to keep the interest of new followers. Make it easy to contact you!