Tips for your Best Home Expo yet!

When the calendar turns over to March, the spring home show season is in full swing, even if there’s snow in the forecast! Whether you are an experienced exhibitor with many shows under your belt, or if this is your first season, it’s a great time to review how to get the most out of your weekend in the Home Expo. Here’s how to be successful at all the shows you’re doing this spring!

We want every one of our exhibitors to have a great experience at the Home Show, so we like to provide you with as many tips as we can find, to give you the tools you need to get the results you’re looking for. Our Exhibitors Tips page is a great place to start, and every one who is new to Home Expos should review it before taking part in their first show.

Head over to the Exhibitors Area of our website for all the helpful tips we have posted, but in the meantime, here are some highlights of Tips for Success at Home Shows:

  • Don’t cluster staff in your booth, showing that you are open to discussion with attendees
  • Keep phone/laptop usage to a minimum
  • Act as a greeter to attendees, rather than a guard of company information
  • Look approachable, without using the classic “pitch pose” with crossed arms or hands in pockets
  • Smile as those passing by and engage in conversation
  • Open dialogue with attendees by asking if they are familiar with your product
  • Use your body language to ensure you look engaged with visitors to your booth, be sure you don’t look bored/tired
  • Note key points that come up in your conversations so you don’t forget when you follow up with them later

Finally, HAVE FUN! Sure, you’re working long hours over the weekend, but it’s an investment into your business and everyone there is in the same boat. Relax, enjoy the time doing something out of your normal routine, and you’ll have a successful show.