January Home Maintenance

January is here, a time for new beginnings. Gone are the hustle and bustle days of the holidays, and for many of us, we face the New Year with a new outlook, or with intention. We make promises to ourselves; get back to healthy eating, resolve to be more active, and more. Why not make a promise to your household as well, a promise to perform simple duties each month to keep it operating at its best?Just a few minutes each month can help your home stay in tip-top shape so it can keep doing it’s most important job, keeping you and your family safe all year long. With the holiday season behind us, lets give our home a little attention! Fix any small repairs needed, add items to make you happy to be in your home, and make your home help you in your resolutions.

Here are our suggestions of what to do for your home this January!

Make it a habit to check and reset your GFCI outlets each month, clean your garbage disposal and range hood filter (especially after all that holiday cooking!), and inspect your fire extinguishers and HVAC filters. Do your banking once a month? Do these tasks too! They should only take a few minutes of your day if you do them regularly.

When you’re outside taking down the Christmas lights and decorations, check for icicles and ice dams in your gutters, if it’s been cold enough. If they’re there, remove them so there isn’t a large build up through the winter.

Go through your home and put away any Christmas decorations. If there are some you haven’t used in 2 years or more, donate them so that a family in need can enjoy them next year.

Find a home for any gifts received over the holidays, following the “one-in-one-out” rule when possible to avoid collecting too many things that don’t get used. Donate previously loved items for others to enjoy.

Now that the holiday decorations are away, your home decor may seem bare. Bring in some fresh flowers or potted plants to bring some life into your home decor. Light some candles to create some ambiance and sit back and enjoy the home you’ve created for your family!

Get out your multi-tool screwdriver and check all the cabinet pulls, door knobs, storage racks, etc. Tighten any screws and bolts that need it.

To help your family operate efficiently, optimize your home’s drop-spot; where everything lands when you come into the house. Put up a new calendar that is marked with events, holidays, birthdays, practices, and more to keep everyone on track. Clear any unnecessary clutter from the space, and consider giving each family member their own spot for keys, sunglasses, permission slips, etc.

Wall Shelves

Inspect your dishwasher to ensure it’s clean and working properly. Make sure there are no leaks and clean out the drains so it cleans efficiently.

While in the kitchen, take out all of your knives and sharpen them, or take them in to be sharpened. Fewer accidents happen with sharp knives, and it makes cooking so much easier! This will help you to stay on track with healthy eating.

Set aside a time to come up with some goals you’d like to achieve this month or this year, and write them down. Make it something you want to look at and post it where it will be a constant reminder for you. Get creative with colours and images if that helps!

If one of your goals for the year is to be more active, set aside some space in your home dedicated to your wellness. Whether you simply create a calming corner in which you practice yoga or meditation, or set up a full home-gym inside, having a dedicated space to go to will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Now is a great time to plan out your spring garden! Scour Pinterest for inspiration, clip ideas from gardening magazines, or visit your local nursery for advice. Getting a head start will ensure you have a bountiful garden all year long!

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