September Home Maintenance

Owning a home is an important responsibility. While a home provides you with a roof over your head, and somewhere to store your prized possessions, you must take care of it through the year so it can protect you. Even if you rent your home, there are certain tasks you should perform each year to keep it in tip-top shape.

The easiest way to tackle the multitude of tasks is to schedule them throughout the year, so it’s not overwhelming. First, think of all the things you already do around your home, and things you know you should do but maybe only get to once in a while. Then, sit down with your calendar to mark out which months you’ll do them in. Even better – pick a weekend or day you want to do them and schedule it in. Some tasks will only need to be done once per year, whereas others should be done every month. Once you’ve set them into your calendar, you can start to research service providers and book appointments.

Man cleaning the gutter

Here are our suggestions of what to do for your home this September!

Take a look at your HVAC filters to ensure they’re performing to their best ability. If the filters haven’t been changed in a while – or ever! – purchase new ones and swap them out. To save time in the future, purchase a few new filters so you’re ready the next time they need to be changed.

Check your GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets and test or reset them. They’re usually found on exterior plugs in the the bathroom, but may also be found on appliance cords and extension cords.

In the kitchen, clean your garbage disposal and range hood filter. It’s recommended to toss a couple of ice cubes into the garbage disposal and crush them each month. The ice cubes will clean grease build-up and sharpen the blades in one shot. Remove the filter from your range hood and clean it of grease build-up by letting it soak in a sink full of very hot water, baking soda, and a good de-greasing dish soap, then give it a good scrub, rinse, and dry.

Fire extinguishers should be checked frequently so they’re ready for action when needed. Make sure it’s easy to access for everyone, ensure the gauge shows adequate pressure, and no visible signs of wear and tear. If needed, take it in to be serviced, or purchase a new one.

Contact your local pest control company to do some preventative pest control around your home, such as setting traps for rodents, sealing entry points where pests can get into your home, and spray the perimeter with a deterrent.

Schedule a maintenance appointment for your heating system, before the weather turns cold. If you have a fireplace, also schedule a chimney and fireplace cleaning to ensure your fires are burning safe this winter.

Take advantage of a dry and mild fall day and inspect the exterior of your home:

  • Make sure there are no safety issues outside, such as tripping hazards, damage to the fencing around the pool, etc.
  • Make a list of any areas of the exterior that are in need of repair; check that your windows are properly sealed, your siding doesn’t have any damaged areas, trim and fascia that needs to be painted or replaced, etc.
  • Take a look at your garage door to ensure it is functioning properly, and lubricate its bearings so it opens and closes nicely all winter.
  • If you’re comfortable with it, get up onto the roof and clean off any debris that’s fallen, inspecting the shingles, flashing, and vents while you’re up there. Alternatively, hire someone to do this for you, as it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your roof.
  • After you’ve cleaned your roof, clean out your gutters and downspouts before it becomes too wet, making sure the rain to come will effectively drain off your roof.
  • Have your septic system inspected to ensure it is functioning properly and doesn’t have anything clogging the system, and that no roots are at risk of rupturing the tank.
  • Check out the dryer vent and clear it of any lint build up so it does not become a fire hazard. Check out the rest of the exhaust ducts in your home to ensure they are clear of debris and build up as well.

While this seems like a long list, tackling it over the month of September makes it easy to manage, and you will find that many tasks take no time at all if you keep up with the maintenance. The first time might take you a bit longer, but once you do it regularly, it will become easy to stay on top of it.


Do you have any tasks that you do in September that we’re missing? Do you follow a maintenance calendar of any kind, or just wing it every year? We’d love to know!

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