Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

When you are updating the décor in your home, consider adding some plants to various rooms in your home. Not only will the plants themselves add to your interior décor, they can be beneficial to your health as well! Incorporating plants into the design of your home can be done on a budget and match any theme.

Green plants in old clay pots

There are many varieties of plants to choose from that grow well indoors. Some, like the Jade Rubber Plant, are pleasing to the eye and make your home more inviting. Others, like the Areca Palm, improve the air quality in your home. Any plant you add to your home will also help beat the dreaded winter blues. Try hanging a Cymbidium Sarah Jean, which blooms December to February.

Adding plants to your home brightens up any room, and all they need is the right conditions, the right watering schedule, and some love! Spider plants continually grow baby plants when mature, making it easy to add more plants to your home at no extra cost. While some plants require prime window space for light, there are many moisture-loving plants that love the bathroom, and others that will shine in a bright room even without direct sunlight.

Perhaps the most fun part of having indoor plants in your home is choosing the pot to grow them in. Whether extravagant or simple, choosing the right pot for the plant can really top off your interior design. Choose a gorgeous ceramic pot to compliment the theme of the room, or plant in mason jars or cans to bring in a rustic feel on a low budget.

To find inspiration for adding plants your interior décor, check out our Pinterest board! Come to one of the upcoming home shows to talk to the experts, whether it’s asking the advice of a landscaper or consulting an interior designer!

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