COVID-19 Guidelines


We look forward with excitement in welcoming you and the public back to our events this fall.

Although there are still unknowns ahead, we are confident and have good reason to believe our events will take place, based on preliminary discussions with government, health officials, WorkSafeBC, and industry partners.

Our goal is to give as much certainty as we can, and we intend to be open and honest in our expectations, developments, and concerns as we move forward toward the events.

I want to start by saying: we will be doing everything in our control to make exhibitor and consumer confidence in the safety of our events is at the highest possible level to ensure maximum attendance, safety, and success of all involved. This will be achieved by a set of COVID-19 specific guidelines and protocol, covering all aspects of the shows. This includes:

  • Attendee guidelines/expectations – TBA
  • General event guidelines/protocol – TBA
  • Exhibitor guidelines/protocol – see current Exhibitor COVID-19 Guidelines

With that said, it is still completely possible that fall will arrive and some or all of the events will not go forward on schedule dates due to situations out of our control.

As such, we are approaching the booking and payment process in a much more relaxed manner than in previous years, including a new payment/cancellation policy. These changes will allow exhibitors to reserve their booth space(s) for the shows, while also eliminating your financial commitment until it can be confirmed with certainty that the events will take place.

** Please see the current PAYMENT/CANCELLATION policy
in place for the Fall 2020 season **

I know you may have questions, and we are here to address them, but we won’t have all the answers right away. Our events are likely to be some of the first of their kind in BC, if not all of Canada during COVID-19. In order to make them happen, we will need to adapt and be flexible to new things over the coming months.

We will be doing our best to prepare, but will undoubtedly be learning on the fly. I just ask that you are patient and flexible along with us while aspects of the shows change as they approach.



Darcy Hope